What Makes London So Attractive for Students & Investors?

London has always been the crown performance indicator of the British property market. Whilst it always mirrors the trends found elsewhere around the country, London has always exerted more resistance. Capital cities are often a wealthier and more stable fortress of market values and prices, so whilst London has suffered from the property crash; it never fell as low and it’s the quickest to recover. Student accommodation investment in London has continued throughout the crash and represents one of the finest vehicles for investment throughout the United Kingdom. The supply-demand ratio is what drives this vehicle forward, but why is there so much demand?

Being home to one of the most spoken languages in the world, England and Great Britain hold great pull for international students who want to further their prospects. English is the preferred language of business, with most conversations between language barriers falling to the English middle ground. Degrees and qualifications stamped by English universities also hold great credence and acclaim internationally, persuading foreign students that the international fees will be worth it when they facilitate better jobs. With international students having displayed preferences towards private accommodation, student investment properties in London are one of the fastest sellers in the property market. 

London’s universities pull students from all over the world, but those are still outnumbered by Brits. From all over Scotland, Wales, Ireland and England; students flock to London in search of their education and new life. Being the capital of the country and nation, London is one of the best places to educate yourself and to experience your first taste of independence. Social aspects hold great pull, with the best nightclubs, restaurants and bars to be found within central London. An incredibly diverse multicultural identity is the introduction for most students to the wider world. Whilst the higher cost of living might seem to be a warning sign for student property investment in London, it’s also the only place in the United Kingdom where student loans are calculated on a different (higher) basis. Students in London receive more financial help from their local governments than any other city throughout Britain.

With London exuding such a pull over students from all over the world, and the rising star of student property investment; the result is a fantastic body of investment opportunity for those with the capital. Tenancies are almost guaranteed in most areas, which fast turnarounds and maximum coverage of the year all attractive factors. Students in London wish to be close to their universities, tube stops and nightlife; giving three-fold opportunity for high performing areas to invest in. Displaying resistant qualities to the state of the property market, student accommodation investment in London has become one of the most popular choices for investors around the country.

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