UK Property Market Improvements May Attract Fresh Investment Activity

The sorry state of the British economy has seen many financial markets suffer immensely. The property sector was one of those that was particularly badly affected, but for those investors who defiantly remained within the market, the green shoots of recovery have started to show. Recent figures suggest that the market is now on an upward curve, meaning that potential investment opportunities will become more available.

A particular area of interest is the construction of new housing properties. Demand for land has increased over the last few years, and price increases of Greenfield sites has been evident. In some areas, a price increase of 68% has been recorded in the last quarter of 2013, compared with 31% in the preceding quarter.

In addition, supply of land has remained relatively limited, and this has led to an increase in prices. Development land prices in Greenfield sites grew by as much as 3% during the last quarter of 2013, a figure that signals the biggest quarterly growth since 2010.

Interest continues to rise in new build properties, with government grants and aid available to many first-time buyers. This has proven to be a high note of the property market’s resurgence.

Away from the promise shown by the new housing builds market, excitement has also been generated by the news that office property investment is increasing. A report from Knight Frank shows the growth of regional office investment, with a six year high figure of £1.63 billion being invested in the sector during 2013.

The report cites a return of confidence in office properties away from London and the South East as key in the figure, with cities such as Newcastle and Glasgow enjoying huge upturns in office property investment. Leeds has also benefited, seeing a 58% increase of take up on its 10 year average.

With economies gradually improving, the property market is once again starting to flex its muscle and tempting investors with these latest impressive figures. Property investment opportunities are many and varied, and these latest reports show that office space and new builds are clearly among some of the more profitable and lucrative options.

As the UK economy and the property market show signs of recovery and promise, now is probably one of the best times to invest. With demand ever growing for housing, and supply often limited, prices are constantly creeping up and this could make for tidy returns for investors.


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