The Gifts of the Magi to Investors

Over the last 12 months we’ve taken you from getting to know your area, to getting to know your tenants, to getting to know what “threats” to your property to take seriously.

Some articles were informative (hopefully all), some meant to be a catalyst to investing and some meant to scare you into being diligent. So diligent than hopefully you’ll never have the bad experiences that other investors suffer through.

The Gifts of the Magi to investors is three fold. It may not be Frankincense or Myrrh but solid gold. With these gifts you will become the “golden egg laying goose” rather than constantly searching for someone or something external to make you wealthy.

These are your gifts. They are not from anyone outside you. The Magi I’m referring to is taking your future into your own hands:

1.      Resilience 

When you start investing you’ll have failures. You will suffer and think, “I’m done with this!”.  You’ll be afraid and maybe not sleep well once or twice. You’ll worry, get angry and get very frustrated.  If you carry on past each hardship you’ll come to see every problem as a challenge for you to rise above. Once you get to that point you’ll be unstoppable.

2.     Knowledge

All the knowledge you get from books, seminars, friends and mentors will always be incredibly helpful. Hopefully you remember it at the right time. The knowledge you get from your direct actions will never be forgotten and will serve you time and time again. Athletes have muscle memory, investors get implicit memory. Whatever you call it you have to earn it.

3.     Confidence

Suppose it all explodes. You lose your properties maybe you go bankrupt. It’s scary but it happens. You built your empire with your experiences your network and your hard work. If that happens with your Resilience and Knowledge you know you can do it all over again – maybe even faster and better the second time around. 

The most important thing investing will give you is Freedom. That Freedom will be financial; it will be peace of mind in your family’s future. It will be Freedom to know you only do the things you choose to, because of the mountain you climbed to get you where you are today.

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