Spanish Valley Investment Leaves Coast In The Shadows

When you think of Spain, one of your first thoughts may well be of its gorgeous beaches and plethora of delightful coastal retreats. It stands to reason, then, that much of the overseas investment in the country focuses on these stunning resorts and hideaways.

Here lie numerous opportunities for investors to make tidy profits through holiday home rental income and other commercial properties.

But a new trend is emerging that is seeing property investment in Spain move away from the traditional coastal areas, into the much less chartered territory of the valleys.

Guadalhorce valley

The beautifully scenic Guadalhorce valley in Spain is an area full of stunning natural views. Lying within easy reach of key Spanish cities such as Malaga, and easily accessible from the nearby Costa del Sol airport, Guadalhorce is enjoying a renaissance in popularity, as investors purchase second homes in the area.

Guadalhorce valley is also located ideally closely to market towns including Coin and Alhaurin el Grande, making it an ideal option for visitors and residents who enjoy the quiet and picturesque valley life, but who sometimes like to sample the more vibrant side of Spain’s culture.

Increasing interest

In recent years, Marbella has become Spain’s go-to place for property investment, with the Costa del Sol resort enjoying an unprecedented rise in popularity amongst the rich and famous.

Whilst considerably helping an ailing global property market, this proved to be a difficult period for the more sedate and understated side of the Spanish economy, with Guadalhorce valley amongst the areas suffering.

But now, Guadalhorce is enjoying its own rise and recovery, with investors from the UK, Belgium and Holland taking interest in properties that are reasonably priced between £150,000 and £200,000. Providing a much more authentic taste of Spanish lifestyle than the more party-orientated resorts such as Marbella, Guadalhorce is becoming ever more popular.

Margaret Mitchell, of Alora Properties which is based in the area, admitted that business had been “tough” in the area since the recession, with 13 agents closing during that period. Mitchell continued that “Between 2008 and 2012 nobody was buying, but now things are definitely picking up nicely and thankfully prices are not yet going up.”

With interest on the increase and prices remaining at such an appealing price, Guadalhorce valley presents a superb opportunity for an alternative form of investment in Spanish property.

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