About Us

Welcome to VREI Club

We’re changing the game and reinventing how real estate investing is done.

So before we talk “About Us”, let’s about YOU…

Chances are, you’re here because you have an interest in real estate investing… or maybe even some experience as an investor.

But perhaps you’ve discovered (as many investors do) that there’s an insurmountable problem in real estate investing: Sometimes the market we live in is not the best market to invest in.

  • Maybe the properties are priced too high for it to make financial sense to invest right now
  • Maybe the market is so tight right now that there isn’t enough inventory
  • Maybe you don’t want to invest so close to where you live because you don’t want to bump into your tenants at the grocery store
  • Maybe there’s a better market in your town but you don’t want to park your car there when collecting rent
  • Maybe you love the idea of investing but don’t want those 3 a.m. calls to fix the toilet

… these challenges often keep investors out of real estate.

And they kept us out of real estate for a long time too. We wanted to invest but were held back by the fact that we weren’t in the right market.

That’s when we stumbled upon a solution that changed everything…

… and that’s when VREI Club was born.

The “VREI” in VREI Club stands for “Virtual Real Estate Investing” – it’s a game-changing strategy that completely erased the very problems that held us back from investing.

The VREI Club strategy is built on the following concepts:

  • Not all markets are ideal for investments
  • The smart investor strategically chooses the market to invest in, instead of investing where they live
  • Simple tools, technology, and strategies enable investors to invest from anywhere while minimizing the effort

Whether you want to invest across town, across the state, or even across the country, the goal of VREI Club is Virtual Real Estate Investing Made Easy – equipping investors to invest anywhere… from anywhere!